Hospital NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses

The Hospital NHS Grade Waterproof mattresses are recommended for patients who are considered to be at an average to high risk of getting pressure ulcers.

Its modern foam design is castellated on one side in order to help pressure ulcer management, providing a high level of patient comfort at the same time. The mattress can be used without a turning programme, aiding moving and handling procedures.

Suitable for any bed frame and controls infection

The mattress will work easily with all electric profiling bed frames. It is designed to be durable and utilises only the best fabric and foam in order to provide a mattress that has an infection control enhancing cover.

The vapour permeable, multi-stretch fabric has an anti-fungal agent and reduces shear and friction forces. The high frequency welded cover helps to prevent fluid ingress and can be laundered at up to 80 degrees ensuring excellent decontamination.

The Orion mattress would complement any hospital or care setting. Its modern design contributes to patient safety and comfort and helps care staff with their procedures.

Our Range of Hospital NHS Grade Mattresses