190cm x 90cm x 15cm Pegasus NHS Pressure Relief Mattress

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Hospital NHS Pressure Relief Mattress Technical Specifications

Mattress Name Pegasus Pressure Relief Mattress
Foam Grades Base Foam – GB39/200 & Foam Insert – GBV50/55
Weight Rating 40 Stone / 254kg
Fatigue Class Very Severe
Fire Retardancy BS7177 (Crib 5)
Warranty 5 years foam / 1 year cover*
Mattress Size Single Mattress
Dimensions 190cm (Length) x 90cm (Width) x 15cm (Height)


Hospital NHS Pressure Relief Mattress Features & Benefits

• 6 inch (15 cm) Depth
• Suitable for all bed frames / electric beds
• 2 way stretch Vapour Permeable waterproof cover
• 2 way turning regime to extend mattress life
• 5 year foam warranty – against faults in manufacture
• 1 year cover warranty – against faults in manufacture
• Easy clean surface
• Laundered up to 70 Degrees
• Ultrasonic welded cover stops fluid ingress
• Zipped on three sides allowing easy cover removal for foam inspection
• Excellent pressure reduction
• Prolonged life
• Fully Replaceable Parts
• Anti-Fungal aiding infection control
• Side Wall Technology for easy patient transfer

The Pegasus Hospital NHS Pressure Relief Mattress

The Pegasus mattress is designed for patients at a high to very high risk of suffering from pressure ulcers. It offers the best pressure care support that can be achieved from a static mattress and manages not to sacrifice patient comfort in order to do so.

Design technology best in its class

The mixture of high-quality foam and visco-elastic foam that is sensitive to temperature means that the Pegasus mattress has impressive pressure re-distribution properties and ensures a high degree of comfort because of the way that it adapts to a person’s body contours. Patient transfer is made safer because of the Side Wall construction, it has a sturdy polyurethane base designed for use on all bed frame types. Its strong base makes sure that patients are stable and comfortable and prevents incidents of ‘bottoming out’.

Combating infection control

The hi-tech technology and the strong contemporary cover guarantee the kind of longevity that is important for high frequency products. Its sturdy vapour permeable cover includes a highly effective anti-fungal agent that aids in reducing shear and friction forces, implementing infection control. The mattress’s welded cover stops fluid ingress and can be laundered at up to 80 degrees ensuring excellent decontamination.

Built to last, the Pegasus mattress offers longevity and brilliant value for money with its fully replaceable parts. It is an important item for hospital and care environments and offers high quality design. Comfort and safety were extremely influential with regards to the design of this mattress.

5-Year Foam Warranty, 1-Year Cover Warranty - Against Manufacturing Defects

*GB Foam Healthcare offers a 5-year warranty on Mattress Foam and a 1-year warranty on Polytran Covers, both specifically covering manufacturing defects. This warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects but does not cover issues resulting from improper use, incorrect setup, or natural wear and tear.

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