Pressure Relief Mattresses

NHS Specification Mattresses

GB Healthcare produce an extensive range of pressure relief mattresses which have been specifically designed to minimise the development of pressure ulcers in high risk patients. All of our mattresses feature a special ‘castellated cut’ surface and are made of the highest specification Combustion Modified High Resilient foam (CMHR) offering excellent re-distribution of pressure.

The hi-tech technology and the strong contemporary cover, guarantee the kind of longevity that is important for high frequency products. The sturdy multi-stretch vapour permeable covers include anti-fungal agents, which cut down shear and friction forces, aiding infection control. The mattresses’ welded covers prevent fluid ingress and can be laundered at up to 80 degrees ensuring excellent decontamination.

Our Range of Pressure Relief Mattresses.

GB Foam Healthcare specialises in high quality, medical grade, pressure relief mattresses. We have developed a range of highly supportive and comfortable foam mattresses. By promoting even pressure distribution, these advanced mattresses dramatically decrease the risk of pressure ulcer development in patients.

Choose from our Andromeda, Pegasus, Gemini or Phoenix pressure relief mattresses, each designed to support patients throughout the entirety of their bed stay. We work with the latest advancements in foam technology to ensure superior standards of comfort in our pressure relief mattresses. The castellated cuts featured across our entire range, help to redistribute pressure evenly so as to promote a healthy blood flow.

By maintaining a healthy flow of blood, vital oxygen and nutrients can be carried to high risk areas of the body. Because of this, a patient's risk of developing a pressure ulcer is greatly reduced. By reducing the potential for pressure ulcers, patients are also no longer at risk of developing complications arising from these ulcers. This includes septicemia, cellulitis, meningitis and even squamous cell skin cancer.

Pressure Relief Mattresses - Waterproof Covers.

Our entire range of pressure relief mattresses come fitted with two-way stretch, vapour permeable, waterproof covers. These waterproof covers are ideal for patients that are prone to incontinence. A waterproof mattress cover is essential for high risk patients. This is because sodden mattresses can at times lead to infection.

Soiled mattresses can also be very difficult to clean thus making them difficult for reuse. All of our mattresses can be wiped clean with ease and can be removed using the three-zip system. Our mattresses are also machine washable and can be laundered up to 70 degrees. This in turn will help to ensure high standards of cleanliness.

What's more, our easy to remove, waterproof covers, also makes mattress foam inspection simple. This is ideal for maintaining longevity in your pressure relief mattresses. As all of our mattress parts are fully replaceable, you'll be able to check when any parts may need replacing.

Competitively Priced Pressure Relief Mattresses.

GB Foam Healthcare is proud to be both the manufacturer and retailer of high quality, pressure relief mattresses. As we don't pay third parties to produce our products, we don't need to price our mattresses as highly as our competitors. As we save money, our customers do too. By cutting out third-party suppliers, the savings we make, are passed directly onto our customers. We believe that our high-quality products should be affordable for everybody. No person should be denied comfort when they are in need of it most.

If you're considering purchasing pressure relief mattresses in high quantities, make sure to contact GB Foam Healthcare on 01494 441177 to discuss bulk pricing. We're more than happy to work with all of our customers on pricing when multiple purchases of the same item is being made. If you need to purchase high quality pressure relief mattress in singular form, or in bulk, choose GB Foam Healthcare.

Our Range of Pressure Relief Mattresses