Nautilus Water Resistant Mattresses

Our range of Nautilus Water Resistant Mattresses are constructed to comply with the strict BS 7175 (Crib 5) fire retardant standards for use in commercial/contract and domestic environment.

The Nautilus Contract Mattress is designed for heavy duty environments for continuous day in day out use. The water resistant cover make the mattress easy to care for and the high density standard foam interior means there is no need to turn this mattress and are antibacterial and antifungal, breathable and vapour permeable with anti dust mite and hypoallergenic properties.

Nautilus Contract Fabric

Nautilus Contract Fabric is a revolutionary water resistant and breathable fabric which is popular in many commercial and contract situations from University & Student Accommodation, Nursing Homes & Care Homes to Hotels & Holiday Camps and even the MOD.

The structure of the fabric means that the water resistant material is located just under the cover so the occupant does not sleep directly on the water resistant material. This provides breathable sleeping surface which aids more restful sleep while still providing the heavy duty water resistant properties of the fabric.

Our Nautilus Water Resistant Mattresses