Nautilus Water Resistant Mattress Cover

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Nautilus Water Resistant Mattress Cover Technical Specifications

Cover Type Nautilus Cover
Warranty 1 year*
Mattress Cover Sizes Available Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double


Nautilus Water Resistant Mattress Cover Features & Benefits

• Breathable Water Resistant Cover
• Silent Material (Unlike Plastic or PVC)
• Durable, breathable cotton-blend cover is hypoallergenic
• Suitable for all bed bases

Patented Breathable, Water Resistant Fabric

Nautilus Contract Fabric is a revolutionary water resistant and breathable fabric which is popular in many commercial and contract situations from University & Student Accommodation, Nursing Homes & Care Homes to Hotels & Holiday Camps and even the MOD.

The structure of the fabric means that the water resistant material is located just under the cover so the occupant does not sleep directly on the water resistant material. This provides breathable sleeping surface which aids more restful sleep while still providing the heavy duty water resistant properties of the fabric.

1-Year Cover Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

*GB Foam Healthcare offers a 1-year warranty on Nautilus Covers, specifically covering manufacturing defects. This warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects but does not cover issues resulting from improper use, incorrect setup, or natural wear and tear.

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