Mattress Protector - How You Can Protect Your Mattress

Mattress Protector - How You Can Protect Your Mattress

A Mattress protector can come in a variety of forms. Some are simply made to protect your mattress from everyday use, whereas others are more heavy-duty.

Mattress protectors can be padded and quilted to add extra levels of comfort to your mattress. Meanwhile, others are made from water-resistant materials to help protect the mattress from soling.

Types of Mattress Protectors

The majority of mattress protectors you will find for sale online are made from materials such as cotton and polyester. Often, they are made from a blend of the two. This type of mattress protector is used on regular mattresses, whether that be memory foam, spring or a hybrid.

Many people choose to use a mattress protector onto to help prolong the life of the mattress.

After all, mattresses can be expensive. It makes sense to protect your investment and get the most use out of it as possible.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Not all mattress protectors are waterproof. In fact, many that you’ll find for sale online are not. Depending on your personal circumstance, you may require a waterproof mattress protector.

If an individual is at risk of incontinence, for example, a waterproof mattress protector is essential. This will help to stop fluid from soaking into the mattress, which could stain it and affect its longevity.

A waterproof mattress protector generally includes some form of plastic to help prevent fluid ingress. Sometimes they will still include a quilted top to improve the levels of comfort it offers.

GB Healthcare Waterproof Mattress Covers

GB Healthcare offers a wide range of waterproof mattresses. These heavy-duty mattresses are designed to provide ultimate levels of support and care.

Our waterproof mattress range includes ultrasonic, welded covers to provide exceptional damage protection. They are zipped on three sides for easy removal and laundering up to 70 degrees.

We also offer a Nautilus Water Resistant Mattress range. Nautilus Contract Fabric is a breathable and water-resistant material.

It is often used in areas such as nursing homes, student accommodation, hotels and much more.

This material helps to protect the mattress from stains and spillages whilst doing little to alter the overall feel of the mattress.

Contact Us About Waterproof Mattresses

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about any of our healthcare mattresses, please contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.


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