Antimicrobial Finger Plate - Antibacterial Push Plate for Doors

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Door finger plates are a significant germ contact and transfer point. These frequently used items are well known for playing host to an array of potentially harmful microbes.

This Antimicrobial Finger Plate has been designed to kill a variety of germs. It has been clinically proven to kill E. Coli, C. Difficile, MRSA, Salmonella, Fungal and Feline Calicivirus Strain F-9 (ATCC® VR-782™) (U.S. EPA- Approved Human Norovirus Surrogate); at a rate of 99.9% effectivity.

Infused with an antimicrobial silver additive which runs to the core, this product is made from a single piece of injection moulded polymer. Even if it were to become damaged or scratched through use, it will still maintain its antimicrobial properties.

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Product Details: Antimicrobial Finger Plates

  • Independently tested to guarantee a 10-year protection.
  • Includes an antimicrobial silver additive that runs throughout.
  • Prevents any bacteria from growing on its surface.
  • Clinical certification - Kills 99.9% of E.Coli, MRSA & more.
  • The world’s only door handle proven to kill Norovirus.
  • Exceptionally durable & non-porous. Manufactured from a singular piece of injection moulded polypropylene.
  • 60 minute fire rated.
  • Easy to install & easy to clean.
  • Available in various colours including blue, black & silver.


  • Surface Resistance to Cold Liquids - BSEN 12720:2009
  • Fungal Resistance - ISO 846:1997
  • Coli Resistance - ISO 22196:2011
  • MRSA Resistance - ISO 22196:2011

Product Dimensions:

  • Small Finger Plate: 450mm x 75mm
  • Large Finger Plate: 450mm x 100mm