Almeda Antimicrobial Waiting Room Chair

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The Almeda Anti-Bacterial Waiting Room Chair is purpose built to protect you and others from potentially harmful bacteria and fungus, through innovative antimicrobial technology. Ideal for reception areas, classrooms and various healthcare environments including doctor’s surgeries, accident and emergency centres, care homes and dental practices.

The Almeda Anti-Bacterial Waiting Room Chair reduces the spread of infection within public environments. Made with a specialised silver based additive, which runs directly to the chair’s core; it kills 99.9% of MRSA and E.Coli bacterium on contact.

Safe. Sturdy. Sterile.

This singularly designed visitor chair is made with a one-piece injection moulded polymer. It is entirely non-porous, meaning it can be easily wiped clean and cannot trap dirt between cavities.

Designed with safe and reliable anti-tilt legs, the Almeda Anti-Bacterial Waiting Room Chair, can withstand a working load of 25 stone/158KG and is stackable to seven high. It also features a supportive backrest to promote comfort and has a wide seating area.

Purchasable in sky blue, moss green or lilac and available with or without armrests to suit preference.

Antimicrobial Waiting Room Chair Key Features

  • Non-porous design – eliminates potential dirt traps and can be easily wiped clean.
  • Promotes efficiency by vastly reducing cleaning times.
  • Rounded corners to improve safety.
  • Wide seating area and anti-tilt leg design.
  • Supportive backrest.
  • Safe working load of 25 stone/158kg
  • Available in 3 unique colours with or without arm rests.
  • Room efficient - stackable to seven high

Antimicrobial Waiting Room Chair Standards

  • MRSA resistance - ISO 22196:2011
  • E.Coli resistance - ISO 22196:2011
  • Fungal resistance - ISO 846:1997
  • Surface resistance to cold liquids - BSEN 12720:2009
  • Strength for contract furniture - BSEN 16139:2013
  • Stability of domestic seating - BSEN 1022:2005
  • Functional ergonomics - BSEN 1729:1 (conforms to)

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