Antimicrobial Healthcare - Chairs and Doorhandles

Antimicrobial Chairs and Doorhandles

Our antimicrobial range is perfect for healthcare waiting rooms and receptions that receive a high flow of visitors daily. Infused with a specialised silver additive, our entire range of products kill 99.9% of MRSA and E.coli bacteria and are also resistant to fungus.

Prevent the spread of infection and protect your patients, visitors and staff with these innovative anti-bacterial chairs, door handles and fingerplates.

Practical in Any Care Environment.

Great for use in hospitals, dental practices, schools, nursing homes and more.

A cleaner environment is a safer environment, find our full range below and see how your business can benefit from GB Foam Healthcare’s antimicrobial technology.

Our Range of Antimicrobial Chairs and Antimicrobial Door Handles

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